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 Recipe: Stiletto For Dwarves only. The recipe for a stiletto. Requires Create Item Skill Level 5. The success rate is 100%.
 Stiletto Bestows either Critical Bleed or Critical Poison.
 Stiletto Critical Bleed 12% chance that target will bleed critical attack. Effect 5.
 Stiletto Critical Poison 4% chance that target will be poisoned during critical attack. Effect 5
 Stiletto Edge A key material that Dwarves use to make the stiletto. Can be sold in any shop.
 Stiletto Might Mortal Increases the success rate of Mortal Blow and Deadly Blow by 48%.
 Stiletto Rsk. Haste Increases Atk. Spd. by 12% when HP becomes 60% or lower.

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